Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Texas Democratic Convention? 

The Convention is from June 1st to June 6th, 2020. It will be on a fully digital platform. There will be opportunities to participate in caucus meetings, training, and to build relationships with other Texas Democrats for this 2020 election cycle. 

Is the Convention still happening in-person, in San Antonio? 

No, the Convention is happening as an entirely virtual experience during a similar timeframe. There will be no meeting in person. 

Is the Convention free?

Yes! The Convention is free to attend.

What is the Convention schedule?

The full Convention schedule will be released in May. 

What will happen at the Convention? 

Though our Convention has changed forms, our Convention business remains the same. We will hear from Texas Democrats:  party leaders, candidates, and elected officials. We will do the Party’s business of:

  • Passing our 2020 Texas Democratic Party Platform;

  • Electing Party leaders: members of the State Democratic Executive Committee and Democratic National Committee;

  • Selecting presidential delegates to the July Democratic National Convention presidential electors, and other party positions;

  • Considering Resolutions on party affairs and public policy.

What if I can’t be online during a meeting or session?

All meetings and sessions will be recorded and shared online. 

Are County Chairs required to participate? 

No, but it is highly recommended that they do.

How do I request an ADA accommodation? 

A survey has been made available online for you to request accommodations. 

How can I become a Convention sponsor? 

Our transition to a digital Convention has opened the door to new, innovative sponsorship opportunities. Please email Madeline Cohen at for more information. 

Need some help?

Call our office to be routed to our Convention hotline: 512-478-9800