Convention and Delegate Information

Committee Reports

This is what is on the ballot for state delegates on the fifth round of voting Wed 6/3, as soon as all SDEC District & Presidential Elector Races are proofed/validated — Fri 6/5, 10 PM Central Time. This sheet will have the links to the Reports from the Permanent Committees of Nominations for National Delegates, Nominations for Party Officials, Rules, Platform, and Resolutions.

Nominees and Winners

All the Nominees and Winner are posted on the following page for all the party position elections held during the convention: Nominees and Winners for National Delegate; Nominees and Winners for Presidential Preference Delegate Recommendation Committees; Nominees and Winners for SDEC (District and Some Caucuses), Presidential Elector, Convention Committees; and Nominees and Winners for Democratic National Committee.

What’s a Convention?

A Delegate Guide to the 2020 Texas Democratic State Convention by a 4-time convention attendee.

Delegate Calendar of Convention Business

A sheet with dates and times that State Delegates need for Ballots/Voting, Committees, General Session, and other deadlines.

Other Important Links

This sheet has other important links to information State Delegates may need, including Public State Delegate List (periodically updated), Allocation of Delegates by March 3rd Primary, Allocation of National Delegates by SD, Presidential Preference, and Gender, Party Rules (w/ Emergency Rules), Emergency Rules for Conduct of the 2020 Texas Democratic Convention, Texas Delegate Selection Plan, and State Delegate Counts by Senate District and County.

Convention Help Desk

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